Teen Mom Star Amber Portwood May Go Under The Knife

Sep 23, 2016 at 12:20 pm |

Is this really a good move?

It isn’t uncommon for celebrities to get plastic surgery, but most of them don’t exactly talk about it. Well, unless they are reality stars, then, it either becomes a plotline in their show or highly self-publicized on the media circuit.

Anyone who has watched Amber Portwood evolve from 16 and Pregnant to Teen Mom OG has noticed that her looks have drastically changed – mostly due to a dramatic weight loss, a refined hair and makeup regimen and overall healthier look due to sobriety.

However, the star may change even more, as she is considering making a big change in the form of plastic surgery.

Credit: Instagram / @realamberlportwood1__

Credit: Instagram / @realamberlportwood1__

Teen Mom star debates getting plastic surgery and of course there’s some push back.

What did Amber Portwood say on social media?