Teen Writes Incredible Letter To School Gym Teacher After She Refuses To Calculate Her BMI

Apr 6, 2016 at 4:40 pm |

“I’m not going to let some outdated calculator and a middle school gym teacher tell me I’m obese”

Indiana eighth grader Tessa Embry just shut it down!

The student penned a letter to her middle school gym teacher explaining why she wouldn’t be calculating her body mass index (BMI) for a class project, claiming the method was outdated.

Tessa had been asked to previously calculate her BMI in class and at that time was informed that she was technically ‘obese.’ After a visit to her family doctor, who said she was perfectly healthy and athletic, Tessa decided she was done with the BMI scale.


Photo Credit: Pixabay

An Indiana eighth grader tells her gym teacher why she won’t be calculating her BMI and shuts down the outdated method that claimed she was obese.

See why Tessa refused to calculate her BMI and read her inspiring letter.