Teens Girls Went to Extreme Lengths to Sneak Out of the House and We’re Laughing

Dec 1, 2016 at 2:51 pm |

Kids are sure going to extremes these days.

Someone once told me that with little kids you tend to have little problems. But as your kids get bigger than your problems do too, and boy do I believe it. I also believe experienced parents who say that you are more physically exhausted when your kids are small but over the course of time that physical exhaustion goes mental!

That’s probably what the parents of these two young teenaged girls are thinking to themselves right now. They’ve become social media stars for showing the world just how they snuck out of their parents’ house for a night on the town. Some people are calling it clever, others think it’s dangerous and stupid. You be the judge.


Credit: Shutterstock/Hnatyk

These teenage girls cut off their own hair in a plan to sneak out of their homes.

Here's what happened...