The Average Size Of An American Woman Is Not What You Think

Sep 23, 2016 at 12:10 pm |

A new standard

After having two children, there are few things I no longer look forward to doing in life. One of them is getting weighed at the doctor’s office and clothes shopping, especially for a new pair of pants of jeans. It’s troubling because depending on what store I go to I can be a variety of different sizes. A certain pair of jeans might end up being perfect on me but if I go to another retailer that size might be either too small or too large. It’s frustrating and it messes with my emotions big time.

And while we judge ourselves by how much we weigh or what size jeans we wear (after all, they are nothing more than numbers), there’s a new report that says the average American woman is not the size you’d think she is.

And while some people think that the new average size is allowing more women to feel comfortable and confident about their bodies, others are worried that this might become yet a major health issue.

different women and sizes

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There’s a new report that says the average American woman is now a size 16.

Could this new ‘average’ actually be a problem?