The Internet Is In Awe Of This Photo Of Pumped Breast Milk

Feb 23, 2016 at 11:17 am |

This mom pumped two bags of milk just a day apart - so why do they look so different?!

Our bodies can do some pretty awesome things, which any woman who has ever grown a human being can attest to. But obviously the super cool things our bodies can do isn’t limited to growing another human.

One woman in particular noted how amazing her body is after she discovered two of her expressed breast milk containers looked incredibly different. Mallory Smothers posted a picture of two different bags of her expressed breast milk to her facebook page and couldn’t help but note how different the two bags looked. One looks like your typical breast milk, while the other bag looks much more yellow and ‘colostrum-y’ like. It was after seeing this difference that Mallory wrote about a study she once read.



Apparently a baby can get a custom-made milkshake from their mamas every time they latch on 🙂 Check this out …

Have you ever seen this happen to breast milk before?