The #MannequinChallenge Is the Latest Internet Sensation and We’re Obsessed

Nov 8, 2016 at 12:52 pm |

Everybody is doing it!

We’ve seen lots of crazy and fun things go viral on the internet, from the Harlem Shake to the Running Man Challenge to even planking, but now there’s a new group video challenge that has everyone doing it!

The #MannequinChallenge is exactly what it sounds like – it features a group of people posing as mannequins as the camera pans around them, typically with hip hop duo Rae Sremmurd’s new song “Black Beatles” playing in the background. Of course as the challenge has become more popular, the videos are becoming more and more involved and creative.

The #mannequinchallenge has gotten so popular so quickly that it seems everyone is doing it, from Destiny’s Child to Ellen to even Adele! Hillary Clinton even did her very own #MannequinChallenge!

Instagram / @kellyrowland

Credit: Instagram / @kellyrowland

The #MannequinChallenge is the latest fad sweeping the internet and all your fave celebrities are getting in on the action.

Check out the video that started it all!