The Story Behind The Photo Of This Young Boy Finally Getting His ‘Own Room’ Is Too Sweet

May 27, 2016 at 12:11 pm |

It's the little things

Growing up I shared a room with my older sister until I was about 8, when we moved and I finally got my own room. I remember how ecstatic I was to finally get my own room, but I also often found myself just kinda hanging out in my older sister’s room a lot too. Well, when she’d let me anyway.

Not every kid can have their own room, and many of us survived sharing with older siblings and many of our kids also have to share with siblings, but one mom’s recent post to Imgur about how she finally gave her son ‘his own room’ will break your heart (in a good way) it’s so sweet.


See how one woman gave her son the room he always wanted, and his reply will melt your heart.

This mom's heartfelt post shows we should always count our blessings