The Weight Of A Mother’s Love: Baby Chanel Hurt Coco’s Heart!

Jun 3, 2016 at 9:49 am |

Coco Austin’s breastfeeding agony.

Say what you will about Coco Austin, but there’s one thing that I’m sure we can all agree on: she’s a hands-on mom who absolutely loves and adores her baby daughter, Chanel. The celebrity mom takes any opportunity that she can to show off her precious bundle of joy to the world while expressing just how much she loves motherhood.

Yet, the blonde beauty recently admitted that her now 6-month-old daughter recently broke her heart and in a way that a lot of mothers cant relate to as well.

coco austin


Celebrity mom Coco Austin says in hurt her feelings when her daughter Chanel wanted a bottle instead of her breast.

Coco Austin’s breastfeeding agony.