The World’s First Museum of Ice Cream Is Opening Up In New York City

Jul 11, 2016 at 7:32 am |

Ice cream, we all scream.

During a hot, sweltering summer day the first think one thinks of is a nice refreshing cone of ice cream, right? Well for me, make that a scoop of pistachio chocolate ice cream to be exact. I mean, do you know anyone who would say no to ice cream? Or dare admit loving the ice-cold treat that has satisfied our taste buds for decades now? I didn’t think so.

Well now it looks like our collective dream has come true as there is a museum dedicated to all things ice cream coming and no, this is not a drill!

museum of ice cream

Credit: Instagram / @museumoficecream

There’s a new museum dedicated to ice cream opening up on New York City

And you can swim in a pool of sprinkles!!!