There Are Parents That Are Actually ‘Dumping’ Their Kids At The Beach Now

Oct 21, 2016 at 10:28 am |

Is there any place ‘safe enough’ to leave our kids?

I live in a state that enjoys warm temperatures throughout the year which means we get to hit the beach in November as often as we do in June. It’s not uncommon to see manatee and shark sightings, jellyfish, and other foreign objects coming out of the water when we least expect it. When my kids are in the water, I’m always at least two steps behind them, watching them like a hawk. Call me a helicopter parent (or a paranoid one for that matter) but why take the risk of something serious happening, right?

But, apparently not all parents yield the same caution when it comes to being at the beach and near the water. Parents are now “dumping” their young kids at the beach —alone —despite all the warnings and the possibility of an accidental drowning, this is becoming far too common in one area and that’s why local lifeguards have had enough.


Credit: Shutterstock

According to one reports, lifeguards are increasingly upset over parents who ‘dump’ their kids at beaches in Western Australia.

Is this neglectful parenting?