There’s A New Brand Of Wine Available And You Won’t Believe Who It’s For

Jun 24, 2016 at 12:10 pm |

Pinot Meow, anyone?

Ok, while I don’t mind having a nice glass of wine after a long day at work and evening with the kids, this here might be getting a little out of hand.

Apparently, there’s a new brand of wine that’s available, but it’s only available for those with four furry paws and a pair of whiskers. That’s right – there’s a new wine that has been specifically formulates for cats (with no alcohol, of course), meaning both you and your cat can drink wine at the same time while catching up on some of your favorite primetime shows.

It sounds absolutely crazy, doesn’t it?

cat nip

Credit: Instagram / @apollopeak

Now you don’t have to drink alone because your cat can be a wino, too.

This is just getting ridiculous!