There’s No Shame In Using A Village To Raise Your Kids

Sep 13, 2016 at 9:21 am |

Why do moms act like it’s better to do it all alone?

If there’s one thing that moms do well, it’s pretend that everything is fine. It’s kind of a classic go-to mom move, right? The ol’ wave the hand of whoever is trying to help you away, insisting that “you’re fine, just fine?”

I’ve done it myself, many, many times. Today in fact, a few times. I am drowning under work and the demands of my kids and school pick-ups and when my husband called and offered me some help, can you guess what I said?

Yeah, that’s right. “Oh, no, I’m fine.”

I’m not really all that fine. I am exhausted and we have precisely no food in the house and now I have to take all four kids grocery shopping after school pick-up, which is going to be a nightmare because the little kids only got a half hour nap and ultimately, hopefully it will be fine. When I collapse in bed to do it all over again, most likely.

But the point is, our mantra as moms is usually that we will be fine, even if we’re not fine and it’s time for that to end.

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