These Lipsticks With Real Flowers In Them Are Making The Internet Lose It!

Jun 23, 2016 at 11:01 pm |

They're so pretty!

I love makeup, even though my makeup routine is pretty basic. I use a bit of powder, a little mascara and maybe blush if I’m feeling it, but I live for lipgloss. I could spend hours browsing a Sephora store and I’m not embarrassed to say I’ve made more than one questionable makeup purchase simply because I thought it was ‘pretty.’

I know I can’t be alone either, which is why the internet is losing their sh*t over these amazing looking clear lipsticks that have actual real flowers inside them.

I don’t even care what they look like on, I just want them because they’re so pretty!

Kailijumei Cosmetics Instagram

Credit: Instagram / @kailijumei

These new clear lipsticks with actual flowers inside are making the internet lose it’s mind!

You have to see these lipglosses!