These Old Postpartum Hospital Discharge Instructions Proves Just How Far Things Have Changed!

Nov 25, 2016 at 2:11 pm |

I could get on board with some of these!

Having a baby today is definitely different than having a baby when our mom’s were having us. My mom would tell me about how she stayed in the hospital for almost a week after having myself and my siblings, and how there was so much care given in the first few weeks, if not months, to a new mother. But there were also a lot of interesting instructions given to new moms too.

A list of instructions for new mothers from ‘back in the day’ was recently discovered and posted online, and while I can definitely get on board with some of them, others will leave you shaking your head!

postpartum rules

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A list of postpartum discharge hospital rules was recently posted online and it’s safe to say having a baby now is much different than how our mother’s did it!

What do you think of these 'rules'?