These Parents Are Outraged Over Their School’s New Recess Rules

Oct 6, 2016 at 12:47 pm |

It looks like our kids can’t do anything anymore!

Back when we were kids, I’m sure a lot of us were relieved to have the 20 minutes of time we had to run, skip, hope, jump and play during recess. It was a wonderful time to get all of our wiggles out (as I like to often say) before making our way back inside the classroom for a few hours of rigorous studying before the final bell rang.

Unfortunately some of our kids don’t even get the option to run around their school playground because in some school districts recess isn’t offered at all (can you believe it?). And for those who do have it, there are so many rules and restrictions that many students are left confused as to what they can and can’t do.

That’s why parents in this particular school are completely outraged over the administration’s new playground policy. I mean, is this even right?


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These parents are upset over their school’s new playground rules!

And you thought taking away recess was bad…