These Parents Are Pissed Because Schools Are Throwing Away Their Kids’ ‘Unhealthy’ Lunches

Sep 30, 2016 at 12:29 pm |

Are schools going too far?

It seems like parents just can’t catch a break these days no matter what they do! We’re not dressing our kids appropriately enough, we’re not raising them right, and apparently, we’re not feeding them healthy enough, too. There are some days in which I wonder if I’m raising little lunatic monsters because according to society, I’m doing everything absolutely wrong!

And that’s exactly how a group of parents in are feeling this week after their children’s school deemed their packed lunches ‘unhealthy’ and forbidding them in the school cafeteria.

I’ve heard of the fashion police, the potty-mouth police, but now we’ve got the organic food police patrolling the area too? No wonder these parents are so upset!

School Lunch

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These parents are infuriated after their children’s school took away their lunches because they were deemed unhealthy.

Do schools have a right to take away ‘unhealthy’ snacks from kids?!