These Parents Trolled Their Daughters Hard With A Hilarious Back-To-School Video

Aug 25, 2016 at 10:30 am |

Laugh together, troll together.

I’m sure a lot of parents will agree with me when I say that keeping your kids at home during the summer months is HARD. I mean, sure you’ve got a few days here and there to sleep in but between camps, play-dates and keeping your kids entertained so they don’t spend endless hours in front of tablets is tough work, you guys. And that’s probably why so many parents breathe a huge sigh of relief on their children’s first day back to school.

While they are back to hitting the books I can finally get a little work done around the house and catch up on all the Netflix shows I’ve been missing during the summer months. Actually, did I just say Netflix shows? I meant to say projects. Organizing closets. Cleaning out the garage. Pressure washing the driveway. You know, that kind of stuff! Yet for one family from Ohio they took a humorous approach to trolling their daughters with a laugh-out-loud clip that I guarantee will make your day. You’ve got to see this!


Credit: Todd Tacket/Facebook

These parents apparently trolled their teen daughters when they had to go back to school.

When parents become the trolls...