This 10-Year-Old Was Forced To Wear A Coat At School Because Her Outfit Was ‘Inappropriate’

Sep 9, 2016 at 11:09 am |

Here we go again!

It’s kind of like deja vu, isn’t it? Every week I’m writing about another poor young girl who has been humiliated or shamed or at the very least singled out at her school for wearing clothes! Are you sick of it yet? Because I am sick to death of it.

Are you still using the ‘rules are rules’ mantra to excuse this type of behavior, or are you coming to realize that these ‘dress codes,’ open to the interpretation of school administrators everywhere, are unfairly targeting our girls?

Because they are, and in most cases none of the actual ‘rules’ have been broken. And please, I’m done hearing that we need to prepare kids for the real world when they’ll have jobs and have to conform to a dress code. These are 10-year-olds, can we not just let them be kids without having to prepare them for the ‘real world’ right now?

We all understand rules, and we all understand dressing appropriately for school, so it’s time we realize these dress codes are unfair, sexist and shameful.

Credit: Shutterstock

Credit: Shutterstock

Another young girl has been unfairly targetting by misogynistic dress codes and humiliated by being forced to wear a long sleeve coat on a winter’s day for ‘violating’ her school’s dress code.

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