This 12-Year-Old Girl Is Being Slammed For Posting Selfies With Dead Animals

Aug 26, 2016 at 11:02 am |

Gross. Ew. No.

If there’s one thing I want to teach my children, it’s compassion. Actually, make that two things: compassion and empathy. I want them to understand the importance of respecting all of God’s creations, regardless of who they are, what they do or where they come from. It just comes with the territory of being good people who will hopefully one day continue to have good hearts.

That’s why I simply can’t wrap my head around one 12-year-old girl and trophy hunter who is making some major waves on the internet this week. While some people are defending her for her controversial photography, others are criticizing her and calling her downright disgusting for what she’s posting online.

You’ve got to see this.

Aryanna Gourdin

Credit: Twitter/Aryanna Gourdin

One 12-year-old girl is getting slammed for posting selfies with dead animals on her social media account.

There’s no justification for this appalling behavior.