This 20 Year Old Burn Survivor Shows The Power Of Makeup In Stunning Video

Mar 8, 2016 at 12:54 pm |

Makeup or no makeup, you should love yourself any way you are.

We’ve seen many young women via social media use makeup to completely transform themselves. Makeup gives us the option to make us into a different person or to simply highlight what we like about ourselves. For Shalom Nchom makeup was a way to protect her from bullies when she was a young girl.

Shalom Nchom is a 20 year old makeup artist from Nigeria who now lives in Maryland and has a popular YouTube channel were she posts her makeup tutorials. Shalom suffered burns to her entire head, shoulders and face when she was 9 and living in Nigeria. Her mother owned a grocery store on a university campus where she would also fry fast food for the students as they went from class to class.


Source: Youtube


Shalom explained that she and her siblings would help their mom out when they finished school, and one night when she visited her mom she was sleepy, so she asked her mom if she could take a nap and her mom sent her in the store to sleep. Shalom was scared by a cat she saw in the store so she went back outside and laid on a mat on the ground under a table. Somehow the vat of oil that her mother was using to cook was knocked over and fell on Shalom, covering her head and her shoulders and face.

As she got older Shalom was teased for her burns, so she learned to do her makeup to make her feel more comfortable.

This 20 year old burn survivor shows the magic of makeup in her amazing video tutorials.

Watch Shalom's amazing transformation