This 7-Week-Old Baby’s Hair Is So Thick He Has to Get Blowouts Every Day

Oct 19, 2016 at 11:14 am |

I am officially jealous!

As a mom, I almost never have enough time to properly do my hair in the morning. Unless my kids are away at school, sports practice or summer camp, I just don’t have enough time to properly sit down, blow dry my hair or straighten it enough that I don’t have to put it my ‘mom bun’ (which I wear on almost a daily basis).

I’m sure a lot of moms would agree with me that our hair maintenance has become a task more than anything and that’s why we either cut it off or keep it at a length that’s short enough to manage without too much hassle. Yet, could you imagine having a baby with so much hair that you had to take her or him to the salon to have it cut and blow-dried regularly? Well, that’s what one mom from England is going through as her son’s hair is so thick that he already needs regular appointments at the salon!


Credit: Daily Mail/Screengrab

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