This 7-Year-Old Gets A Stern Warning From Her Teacher For Writing In Cursive: Is She Wrong?

Aug 22, 2016 at 9:10 am |

What’s so wrong about cursive?

When it comes to cursive writing, it seems like people are split down the line: either it’s a huge waste of time or a dying art that is withering away and mostly ignored in our children’s classrooms. While there’s plenty of benefits to learning cursive writing (such as helping children develop their fine motor skills), unfortunately it’s no longer included in the curriculum in schools across our country.

And that’s probably why this mother was left flabbergasted when her daughter’s teacher gave her a stern warning simply because she wrote her name in cursive on a worksheet. You’d think it would be NBD, right? Well, wrong.

cursive writing

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One teacher reprimands a 7-year-old girl for writing her name in cursive.

You’ve got to see the teacher’s response.