This 9-Months-Pregnant Woman Breaks Into ‘The Baby Momma Dance

Feb 20, 2016 at 4:20 am |

Good luck getting up!

I’ve had 2 babies and I can promise you that I was in no mood for dancing any of those times, so every time I see a video of any woman who is 9 months pregnant and ready to have a baby while dancing like she’s in da’ club, I can’t help but be impressed!

Leah Franklin is the  “pregnant women dancing,” wherein heavily pregnant women film themselves busting some moves with their big bellies on display. On February 2, Franklin shared this video of herself (along with her baby daddy) dancing and lip-syncing to, appropriately, “The Baby Momma Dance” by Starrkeisha (a.k.a.) Cameron J. Henderson.

Photo Credit: Pixaby

Photo Credit: Pixaby

“Drop it down, drop it down, down low.” Good luck getting up, though.

Break It Down!