This Accessible Playground Is Making Sure Everyone Gets To Play

May 16, 2016 at 11:42 am |

This equipment is first of it's kind in North America

Many of us take playgrounds for granted. We love that we can take our kids to the local playground when they need to run off some excess energy, or as a place to meet up with other mom’s and enjoy a bit of social time while our kids have fun too.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of playgrounds and the amount of steps and limited sizing of the equipment some children aren’t able to enjoy playgrounds like everyone else, specifically those with developmental disabilities.

However one playground in Ontario, Canada has just introduced the SPINMEE, a new playground toy that is making sure everyone can have fun at the playground.


See how the introduction of a new piece of play equipment is helping all kids enjoy the playground at this local park.

See how one park is introducing a piece of equipment to let all kids enjoy the playground