This Bad-Ass Women’s Motorcycle Club Delivers Breast Milk to Babies in Need

Nov 30, 2016 at 10:51 am |

The coolest biker club you'll ever see

I breastfed both my baby boys, and it was the sweetest experience of my life not to mention all the amazing immunity-boosting benefits of breast milk

But not all mothers can breastfeed, and not all babies have access to breast milk.

The New York Milk Bank is an amazing service to those moms and babies in need. And they’ve enlisted the help of an unexpected group to help deliver breast milk.

Biker club of NYC

Credit: Facebook / Sirens Women’s MC of NYC

The coolest biker club you’ll ever see goes above and beyond for new moms and babies who need breastmilk.

Their story on how they started is perfection.