This Badass Mom And Military Husband Gives No Sh#*ts About Breastfeeding In Public

May 20, 2016 at 10:30 am |

One woman wakes up to find a picture she’s shared go viral!

About eight years ago I was invited to a good friend’s wedding only three months after I gave birth to my first child. Even though she knew I was head-over-heels in love and completely attached to my daughter at the time, the bride (who I was VERY good friends with during our high school and college years) had a strict no-child policy at her wedding. Her demand left me pretty torn, as I didn’t want to skip out on her wedding (which was a four hour drive from where I lived at the time, meaning I would have to get both a babysitter and a hotel for the weekend), but I didn’t want to leave my baby, either.

I ended up not going to the wedding.

For some reason, having kids at a wedding is a BIG deal for some people. Either they don’t want their big day ruined by a screaming baby or they simply want to keep things elegant and keep the focus on the bride and groom. Whatever the case may be, there’s one young mother in Germany who is getting both a lot of praise and criticism for something she did at a wedding with her 10-month-old son. People are either calling it brave and normal or completely disgusting.

naomi covert

Naomi Covert/Instagram

Naomi Covert has sparked a debate after she shared a photo of herself breastfeeding at a friend’s wedding.

Some people are praising her for the photo while others are downright criticizing her over it.