This Boy’s Service Dog Gets A Photo In School Yearbook And It’s Freaking Adorable

May 10, 2016 at 11:35 am |

Yearbook besties!

There’s no doubt that our four legged friends definitely ARE our best friends! No disrespect to my cat-loving Hot Moms friends, but being a dog owner all my life, I have definitely considered each one of my pets important members of my family.

And that’s exactly how 7th grader Seph Ware probably feels too, as his trusted dog and best friend Presley was honored by nabbing a spot next to him in his school’s yearbook.

You’ve got to see this photo because I don’t think I’ve seen anything this cute!

Source: Ware Family/The Today Show

One service dog named Presley snags a spot next to his owner in the school yearbook.

Best yearbook picture ever!