This Bride-To-Be Shut Down Her Body Shamers In The Best Way Possible

Jun 3, 2016 at 3:40 pm |

Gorgeous pictures!

Did you know you have to be a certain size and aesthetic to be engaged, and be happy? What, you mean you don’t have to be a perfect size 6 to get engagement photos done and actually find someone who will love you?

Obviously I’m being sarcastic here, but I simply cannot wrap my head around people who feel the need to criticize and comment on another person’s beautiful pictures simply for the reason to tear them down.

When Mzznaki Amoah posted her engagement pictures with fiance Kojo Amoah, the last thing she expected was to get fat shamed by the internet trolls. But unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened. Thankfully, Amoah shut them down in the best way possible.

Instagram user @Mzznaki

See how this bride to-be expertly shut down internet trolls who tried to fat shame her engagement pictures.

See how this bride to-be shut down the internet trolls