This Dad Creates Halloween Costumes For His Son That Are Next Level Amazing!

Oct 27, 2016 at 2:53 pm |

Who you gonna call?

Halloween gives me anxiety like you can’t even imagine! Every year my kids want to be these amazing characters or they have these grandiose ideas of what they want to be, and my crafting and creative ability is very small. I basically end up taking them to the Halloween store and letting them buy whatever costume they want, feeling a slight tug of shame that I can’t create them some kind of amazing costume.

If you’re at all like me then prepare to feel worse about your lack of creativity when it comes to Halloween costumes, because this dad has just raised the bar for costumes way too high for most of us:)

For years Ryan Miller has been creating Halloween costumes for his son, Jeremy, who is in a wheelchair. This year he might have outdone himself.

Instagram / @ryansmiller

Credit: Instagram / @ryansmiller

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You have to see this year's costume!