This Dad Gets Emotional While Defending Children With Down Syndrome

Feb 26, 2016 at 12:00 pm |

Bring on the tissues for this one.

Oh, this one is a tearjerker no doubt. As any parent will tell you, many of us are willing to go to the moon and back for our children. No matter where they are, what they do, or who they are. And that’s why dad Robb Scott, of Nova Scotia, Canada, created a video of himself defending children with Down syndrome.

Robb says he created the video after he overheard another father in a video store explaining to his son what Down syndrome was. He titled his film, “I have something important to say. Excuse the emotion.”

It’s a short clip that we should all watch – now.

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Source via ABC News

This Canadian dad gets emotional in a video he made defending Down Syndrome children.

This dad goes on the record to defend children with Down Syndrome.