This Dad Has Created The Disney Costumes Of Your Dreams For His Little Girl!

Jun 24, 2016 at 11:03 am |

You can order your own now too!

When my daughter was little she had every single Disney Princess dress up costume there was. They were scratchy and sometimes uncomfortable, the polyester costumes usually coming from discount stores, but she loved them. We went to Disney and even bought her a Belle dress and she loved it so much, but that dress has nothing on this little girl’s custom made princess dresses!

When 6-year-old Lili Garcia asked her fashion designer dad Nephi to make her a dress to wear on the family trip to Disney, he crafted her the most gorgeous Fairy Godmother dress I’ve ever seen, and a new business was born.

Designerdaddy Instagram

Credit: Instagram / @designerdaddy

After the amazing outfit he created for his daughter began to get attention, one designer dad turned his princess dress designing in to a new business!

You have to see his stunning creations!