This Dad’s Very Detailed Family Dog Contract Will Make You Wish You Came Up With This First

Jul 28, 2016 at 2:45 pm |

You’ve got to see this detailed family dog contract

Even though my husband and I got our dog before our two children were born, we try everything in our power to get our kids to help out when it comes to feeding, taking out and simply taking care of our beloved four-legged family member. It’s not always easy and they can become forgetful at times, but I try to make our family dog ultimately their responsibility.

But of course, there are times in which I have to feed our bubba his meals three times a day and take him out for that one last pee before we all go to bed. And as far as picking up the waste that our dog leaves behind in our neighbors yard? They are yet to even acknowledge it, let alone clean it up, which means it’s always mom and dad’s job to do the dirty work.

That’s why this father’s family dog contract is going viral for all the right reasons. Not only is it incredibly detailed, but it also makes some great points that I wish I would have thought of first!

family dog

Credit: Pixabay

After his kids told him that they want a dog, this dad came up with a very detailed family dog contract.

You’ve got to see this detailed family dog contract