This Family’s Allowance System Is Going Viral

Jun 22, 2016 at 1:17 am |

Now that’s a valuable lesson!

Ah, allowances, the thing our children insist they receive, yet don’t want to do any work for it. When it is in place, it can feel like far more work for us to manage, maintain and keep tabs on than it’s actually worth.

Cause let’s be honest, how good is your child really loading that dishwasher. Yes, it’s good practice, but is it really the best lesson to teach our kids?

One family recently shared their unique allowance system and it quickly went viral, and still is, because it’s pure genius.

Credit: Facebook / Humans of New York

Credit: Facebook / Humans of New York

Man shares their family’s unique set up for allowance that teaches so much more than the traditional way.

Talk about parenting 101!