This Father Is Getting A Lot Of Criticism For Throwing His Baby In The Air LIKE THIS!

Sep 8, 2016 at 10:46 am |

Not your typical hand toss

Well, one thing is for sure: this dad gets an A+ for originality.

One father is in hot water for uploading a photo of his son trying to catch a balloon that’s stuck on the ceiling. And while it might seem like it’s NBD at first, the way the dad does it is what’s getting people all worked up.

The dad, who is also a fitness coach and bodybuilder from Texas, managed to get the balloon in the end but the way he did it will either impress you or make you look the other way.

I’m still rather conflicted myself in deciding on whether or not this is just fun and games or a really dangerous and stupid stunt.

Father and baby

Creddit: Shutterstock

Superman or superdumb?

Superman or superdumb?