This Father Is Reminding Parents To Always Read Labels After His Daughter Was Left Gasping For Air

Aug 31, 2016 at 4:06 pm |

All it takes is one second!

My daughter has several different allergies (nothing life threatening or extreme though) so that’s why I try to do my best when it comes to reading food labels. And of course, there’s also a chance that both of my kids will grab something out of the cupboard that should have been thrown away weeks ago. As much as I try to update and clean out their snacks, there’s always something left behind that shouldn’t be there (raising your hand if you know exactly what I mean!). While I’ll admit that I don’t do it all the time and am the kind of grab-and-go grocery shopper, I can understand where this one father is coming from after he had a shocking experience that I’m sure he never wants to see repeated again.

After his daughter was gasping for air so hard she couldn’t even cry, Canadian dad, Justin Morrice, is reminding each and every one of us to be SUPER careful when it comes to reading and checking for warning labels, especially when it comes to kids snacks that can be a threat to our children’s health.

warning label

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This dad is warning parents to always check baby food warnings.

Just another reminder to always read the labels.