This Inflatable Pub Is Basically A Bouncy Castle For Adults

Sep 15, 2016 at 11:38 am |

Want to make all the neighbors jealous?

When it comes to backyard birthday parties for kids, bouncy castles (and petting zoos, I guess) are sort of like the gold nugget standard. “…And they had a BOUNCY CASTLE,” kids tell their parents, dropping not so subtle hints about what they expect for their next shindig. For many reasons, most of us parents loath those bouncy castles, not only because we don’t really want to shell out hundred of dollars for a huge, ugly plastic contraption that will promote at least a few injuries, but who wants to go to the trouble, really?

But yesterday, a Facebook friend of mine posted a photo of an inflatable pub, and for the first time, I totally got the allure of the bouncy castle because it is basically the same thing for people over 21.

Credit: Instagram / @pubpaddywagon

Credit: Instagram / @pubpaddywagon

Forget the bouncy castle, this new invention is what every parent who knows how to have a fun time needs.

Where can we get one? We have all the details!