This Is The Reason Why You Shouldn’t Post Every Detail About Your Children’s Lives Online

Feb 16, 2016 at 11:17 am |

Be Careful With The Information You Post Online About Your Kids!

While I love sharing the ups and downs of my life with my close family and friends, in recent months I’ve been very careful with what I choose to post online when it comes to my husband and children. You never who might be lurking at you and studying your information from the other side of the computer screen and that’s why as parents we need to be very careful about the details we post about our children online.

One mother learned the hard way when she posted photos of her child’s birthday party and tagged all the parents of the children who attended on her Facebook feed. Little did she know that a stranger that she accepted on Facebook was about to change her life forever.

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You might be risking your children’s safety by posting about them online!

This is a mistake no parent should make!