This Man Made A Collage Of His Favorites Random Texts That His Wife Sent Him

Feb 22, 2016 at 3:31 am |

Texting is the new love letter writing for this one couple

Now that most of us have smartphones we can text our significant other with any random, funny or cute thought that comes into our head at any time of the day. You can send flirty texts or happy texts or frustrated texts or even just texts reminding your SO to pick something up from the grocery store. I love being able to text my husband any time of the day, even though I know he’s normally busy at work. I love that I can send him a sweet note telling him how much I miss him or even how annoyed I am at him because I know when he gets my text he’ll be thinking of me.

One Reddit user by the name of davidvanbeveren decided to create a collage of all of his favourite random text messages sent to him by his wife and post them to the popular image sharing site. David isn’t the first Reddit user to post something cute and touching about his wife to Reddit either. Remember when one user asked his wife to draw a picture telling him what was on her mind and this is what he got?



One husband decided to create a snapshot of all his favourite, random texts sent to him by his wife, and post it online.

See this husband's adorable collage of his fave random texts from his wife.