This MMA Ring Girl’s Breastfeeding Photo Is Offending The Same People Who Love Her Bikini Pictures

One of those things that has me scratching my head, time and again, is how anyone would think breastfeeding is sexy.Personally speaking, I was a particularly ungracious nurser. Awkward, squirmy, squirty, grabby…it WAS NOT SEXY. And yet, here we women are, still pointing out to a (hopefully small) percentage of the mostly American public that breasts are supposed to be for food. For children.One woman, who happens to be both sultry vixen AND nurturing mama, is speaking out in a particularly pointed way about how one pair of knockers mean different - and incorrect - things to the same people.[ad type="aboveimagead1"]
[caption id="attachment_59631" align="alignnone" width="528"] Credit: Jackie Owens Facebook Page[/caption]
Anna Gebert

Anna is a freelance writer whose name is spelled and pronounced just like the princess in Frozen. She unabashedly loves coffee, Chipotle, gardening, and rare moments of solitude. Follow her work on Hot Moms Club for a daily dose of humor, sprinkled liberally with sarcasm. Her Twitter handle is @avgebert

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