This Mom Gives Birth With Help Of Nurse Who Has A BIG Secret!

Feb 26, 2016 at 3:41 pm |

A Beautiful Story!

A nurse can be a complete stranger, but they’re the people who are there for you every when you step into the hospital and when you leave. They are there through the happiest and hardest moments in your life.

I remember the first nurse who helped with my son.  She will always be my hero, for calming me and making the traumatic experience of him almost going to the NICU easier.

As a little girl, Brittany Ellard Perryman’s mother, Dawn, used to tell her the story of her birth at the Brookwood Hospital in 1990, and the angel nurse who helped her in the most painful yet most incredible moment. “She was terrified,” Brittany said, “…but it was all okay, because Daphney was there.

She was an angel to my mom, and mom said she wouldn’t have made it without Daphney.” Dawn remembers how her nurse, Daphney Jones Walker, saved the day by caring for her and never leaving her as no family members were at the hospital when Brittany was finally born.

Photo Credit: Facebook

Photo Credit: Facebook

This Mom gives birth with help of nurse who delivered her 25 years ago “I said, ‘Mom I have a surprise for you!’ and then Daphney turned around and my mom knew immediately who it was.”

This is a beautiful story