This Mom Invented A Product To Keep Her Boys From Peeing All Over The Bathroom!

Nov 16, 2016 at 12:58 pm |


I live in a house of boys. Yes, I have one daughter, but I also have three sons, so you can imagine what my bathroom looks like. I’ve sat on pee on my toilet seat more times than I care to count, thanks to boys who are too lazy to simply lift the seat.

I’ve watched my boys put a tiny hockey put in a net from center ice, yet they still can’t figure out how to aim in to a toilet bowl when standing DIRECTLY OVER IT! I know I’m not the only mother who has this problem, because one mom just created a product that could be the answer to all of us boy moms.

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After getting frustrated cleaning gross bathrooms, this mom created a product that might be what every mom of boys needs!

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