This Mom Is Being Bullied For Not Looking ‘Pregnant Enough’

Jul 26, 2016 at 11:00 am |

Baby bumps come in all different sizes and shapes

As wonderful as the Internet really is in making our world a little smaller and bringing us all closer together, it’s also one huge pain in the a$$! It’s mostly because everyone with an iPad and accessible wifi has an opinion on who should be doing what, how they should look and mostly, how they should run their lives. I mean, all one needs to do is scroll through the comments section of a big publication or a blog to see the thousands of opinions on how people would efficiently solve the world’s most pressing problems.

And that’s why some people can’t even post photos of their pregnant bodies or baby bumps without being heavily criticized and ridiculed for not being big enough or in some cases, being too big. That’s why one personal trainer is feeling a lot of heat these days from both her critics and fans, as she is being downright bullied for the way she looks while being pregnant. Seriously, this pregnancy bullying has got to stop!



We need to stop pregnancy bullying!

The Instagram bump police is out in full force again!