This Mom Is Warning Others After Her Child Died From A Hot Bedroom

Sep 1, 2016 at 10:56 am |

Another reminder that you can never be too safe.

If there’s one thing that my husband and I always argue about, it’s the temperature of our house. For one reason or another I always feel hot while he is always cold. I can’t sleep with the covers on me while he makes it sound like our bedroom is the Antarctic on some nights. As much as we’ve been trying to compromise about the temperature in our bedrooms, it’s just never right.

But that’s 13 years of marriage for ya!

Yet, when it comes to my children, they could sleep in the outdoors on a hot summer night and nothing would bother them. That, or in the middle of a snow blizzard and they would still tell me their hot.

But one mother is now reminding other parents to always check the temperature of their children’s bedrooms, especially after what happened to her daughter on one very fatal night last winter. Trust me when I say that I will never complain about something petty about one temperature difference ever again, especially after you hear this story.

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Always check the temperature of your children’s bedrooms.

Another reminder that you can never be too safe.