This Mom Received MAJOR CRITICISM For What She Did With Her Baby

Aug 5, 2016 at 12:42 pm |

So wrong!

Just when it seemed like we were making some progress in normalizing breastfeeding, this happens. One mom got the shock of her life when she not only took her baby to the movies with her, but breastfed the tot in the movie theater as well. I mean, NBD, right? Wrong. Because some people were seriously pissed with her about this.

I mean, during the few times I actually go to the movie theater to see a non-animated movie, I leave my kids at home with my husband or their grandparents, but I can understand some moms wanting to bring their children with them to the theater, especially when there are no babysitting options available. But what happened to Juliana Valverde is completely unacceptable – but not everyone feels this way.

juliana vlaverde

Credit: Facebook / Juliana Valverde

One mom received death threats for breastfeeding her baby at a movie theater.

Would you do this with your baby?