This Mom Threw Her Kid An Epic Birthday Party At Target

Aug 17, 2016 at 10:46 am |

We love this for so many reasons…

In the game of parenting, birthday parties have become sort of an extravagance. Gone are the days when mom would bake our favorite flavor of boxed cake with that delicious tub of frosting lathered on top, throw down a few bills at the dollar store for some party favors (my personal favorite were those plastic circle things with the little silver ball that you position in the hole) and maybe a few balloons and decorations as well.

Now parents are investing their 401K plans and splurging on petting zoos, limos and performances by Taylor Swift to compete with the Joneses.

But not this mom, who threw her kid an epic bash at Target.

Target Birthday Party

Credit: Facebook / Kara Daviau Cook

A mom threw her child a birthday party at Target and it was surprisingly amazing!

Find out all the details and prepare to be wowed!!