This Mom-To-Be’s Asks Her Best Friend To Be Her Surrogate, When Doctors See THIS In The Ultrasound, Unbelievable…

May 17, 2016 at 4:48 pm |

This is what you call a MODEL friend.

If you needed a feel good story for the day, here it is!

If you don’t already believe in miracles, this might help you just a little bit (or a lot, hopefully!). Fashion model Rosie Luik doesn’t just have a beautiful face, but a beautiful heart as well. That’s because she became her best friend’s surrogate after 21 painstakingly disappointing rounds of IVF.

But here’s the plot twist that has everyone surprised. She finds out something VERY surprising only moments before her twins are due!

Rosie Luik

Rosie Luik/Instagram

Woman whose best friend was surrogate after 21 IVF rounds finds out she’s pregnant!

A miracle pregnancy indeed!