This Mom Wrote A Letter To Complain About Her Daughter’s Swim Instructor’s ‘Man Boobs’

Jun 14, 2016 at 10:46 am |

She wants him to be forced to wear a shirt

Body image and body shaming – people sure do a lot of that lately, don’t they? Just last week I told you about a high school student who was asked to wear a bra to school (even though she hadn’t been wearing one all year) because her teacher felt “uncomfortable.” Because his comfort is obviously more important than her right to learn.

Now a mom’s letter of demand has gone viral because it seems she’s quite uncomfortable with this man’s “skin-to-skin” contact with her daughter. During swimming lessons. You read that right.

Credit: Shutterstock

A mother has asked for her daughter’s swim instructor to wear a swim shirt so she can feel more comfortable with him in contact with her daughter.

She has a lot to say about it!