This Mom’s Face Painting Skills Are Taking Halloween To The Next Level!

Oct 13, 2016 at 12:30 pm |

This is incredible!

As a mom I have always preferred my kids to wear makeup on their faces on Halloween instead of a mask. Masks can be hard to keep in place which inevitably means kids who can’t see who eventually trip and fall while walking which is never good.

I used to think my makeup skills were pretty good too, until I saw the work of Lynn Hetherington Becker of Columbus, Ohio, work. Let’s just say that Lynn just raised the bar big time for the rest of us!

L. Hetherington Studio Face and Body Art Facebook

Credit: Facebook / L. Hetherington Studio Face and Body Art

One mom from Ohio is seriously raising the bar this Halloween with her incredible face painting skills!

You have to see what she can do with face paint!