This Mom’s Message To The Parents Who Criticized Her ‘Big Boy’ Has Gone Viral

Apr 28, 2016 at 12:13 pm |

Aren’t parents better than this?!

As the parent of three boys who play on competitive sports teams, I’ve heard a lot of things said over the years about players and parents and coaches, but never anything as nasty as what one woman wrote about in a now viral facebook post.

Rochelle Mara was watching her son, Eljae, 10, play rugby recently when she found herself standing next to a mother who was openly criticizing the ‘big boy’ on the field. That ‘big boy’ was Eljae.

Rochelle Mara Facebook

Rochelle Mara Facebook

One mother’s response to a fellow parent who criticized her ‘big boy’ is now going viral.

Read this mom’s response to a woman who made rude comments about her son on the rugby field.