This Mom’s Transformation Is Inspiring Others To Love Their Post-Baby Body

Jun 27, 2016 at 3:11 pm |

A refreshing and honest look!

Let’s be honest, it’s totally frustrating trying to fit back into your regular clothes after you have a baby. It can be hard to see these images of women “bouncing back” (whatever that means) after they have a baby and you look down at your stretch marks and extra skin and wonder if you’ll ever be OK with your body.

One mom is inspiring others with her transformation after three kids and her confidence is pushing other women to be OK with their body, “imperfections” and all.

Credit: Instagram / @babiesandpushups_

Credit: Instagram / @babiesandpushups_

One mom is inspiring others to reach for their fitness goal and learn to love their post-baby body as is — strong and beautiful.

She’s proof hard work does pay off, even if it looks different